Aftermarket Performance Parts

The introduction of aftermarket performance parts like K&N air filters, axle kits, microtuners and other newer, more efficient upgrades are helping to ensure that your car, no matter the year or model, performs at its best when you really need it to.

As an example, if you own a Toyota® brandished vehicle, one of the first upgrades you can make is to your air filer. The decision to upgrade to a more efficient air filer comes from new consumer demands to help cut back on fuel consumption. K&N introduced their K&N Filter initially for the 1970’s and within ten years hit the market. Their success was due to being a top choice in the research by Consumer Reports. But when K&N began offering air filters for the exact latest models of Toyota® in the 1980’s, it was only a matter of time before other leading quality manufacturers began adding K&N filters to their line-up of products. Keep your engine tuned-up, and more importantly, your air filter, and you’re likely to add thousands of horsepower more to your ride.

Similarly, consider upgrading your vehicle’s exhaust on its own, rather than going with a complete replacement set which can take up another large amount of time and cost. The exhaust system of an engine is always going to look a little different given the entry-level noise of the muffler, and the technology available to create that quiet sound, itself. With a cat back exhaust, you can finally get that loud growl without having to resort to loud pipes, and all the with the quality that you expect.

With or without performance modifications, your car is essentially treated as a road vehicle. For that reason, making simple, easily manageable changes to the vehicle becomes key. If you have a newer, more clunking model of a car, why not get simple, affordable changes to your suspension and brakes, instead of replacing the parts that may be less of an expense. A set of coil-over suspension can be purchased for well under eight grand, even with some performance modifications. Your trunk space may be limited, but the trunk space of a well-designed tonneau cover isn’t much of a concern with a little tricking out of tailgate-style back seats. Little changes become big changes, and the introduction of aftermarket performance equipment changes the way your car drives and handles forever.

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