How to Keep Floor Mats from Sliding on A Vinyl Floor

Vinyl floor is one of the most affordable but durable synthetic materials that are used for flooring our homes, apartments, and most building, either residential or commercial. With modern trends, most people prefer to add floor mats to enhance their appearance in their homes.

It becomes very irritating when you feel insecure and discomfort at your home because the mats are either slippery or sliding. If you have such problems and almost bursting out of anger, not knowing what to do, not to worry, with these simple hacks, you will get the solution to your problems;

Installation of non-slip strips.

With the non-slip strips, it has two sides, one which is almost slippery and should be adhered to the floor mat and the other side which has bumps that should adhere to the vinyl flooring. These, however, may not apply to others and not stick because we have different floor mats.

Applying the Velcro stripping method

The Velcro strips are made in such a way that one side sticks to the mat while the other side sticks to the floor. You only need to place them at the corner of the mat; doing this would give you good results.

Placing of furniture

This is the simplest method and is nearly used in most homes, especially with our living rooms. Depending on how your home is designed, placing furniture on the floor mats works a great deal—wondering how this is because of the weight they impulse in the mats making them not to slide.

Laying a carpet to keep the floor mats from sliding

When you place a mat on the floor all over the house, and then use the carpet on top. You should not glue it, but this does not guarantee its effectiveness, for it would depend on the quality of the carpet used.

Glue the floor

If you feel the vinyl flooring of the house is damaged or it’s not something that looks pleasant when visualized. Then this may be the perfect solution for you; it only needs you to glue the floor then place the floor mat on top then let it stick.

This should only be considered if the floor is damaged or you are not going to change the mat for a couple of months.

Taping the vinyl floor and the mat with double-sided tape

With the double-sided tape, it’s taped on the floor, and then you place the mat on the tape on the floor. Since the tape is sided, it would automatically stick on both the vinyl floor and the mat you placed.

Framing the floor

You need to look for frames then place them on the floor of the house and the floor mat on top of the frames.

Buying a mat with a non-stick rubber character

If you have exhausted all your options and none seems to be perfectly working, you can buy a new mat. A non-stick rubber mat can do well in this case; rubber has a magnetic kind of force on the floor and would prevent the mat from sliding each time whenever there is movement occurring.

After a long day, it’s nice that you have a good rest and comfort which we prefer in our homes. Imagine coming home and falling because of the slippery and sliding mats; this would be very annoying. You feel more insecure, especially with kids around, considering how they like playing and running around the house.

If you have had these encounters with your mats arising on the vinyl floor, hopefully, this article has given a variety of options you can consider for your home. It all depends on your budget and the style you prefer. Feel free to share with your friends and family who seem to struggle with the same.

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